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Ancient Lake Acupuncture provides humane treatments to help patients achieve and maintain optimal health and reduce pain, invasive procedures or medications.

Rho Zaragoza was born in the Philippines Islands and moved to Singapore before moving to Emmet, Idaho and finally Coeur d'Alene. He served as a registered nurse working in critical care and ER facilities for 32 years. Noticing a gap in the world of modern medical practices, Rho founded Ancient Lake Acupuncture to fill that gap. Rho specializes in providing the community healthcare as a master of acupuncture & oriental medicine, registered nurse, and former board of acupuncture member. Feel free to give us a call to learn more or book an appointment.

Acupuncture close up
Woman Receiving Acupuncture


You were great with me! You gave me so much time, attention and you helped me so much with my awareness



I’m amazed- I’m shocked- I could cry- It’s been 4 years- I haven’t been able to sleep at night!


Carpal Tunnel

I cannot thank you enough for referring me to Rho Zaragoza, Acupuncture really worked for my carpal tunnel. Rho is a very soothing, compassionate man. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Thanks again.


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