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Master Rho Zaragoza RN | 33 Years of Experience


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Healing Your Entire Body

     Are you done experiencing sudden, random, chronic, age related, genetic, autoimmune, orthopedic, neurological, vascular,  severe or nagging pain, sleep deprivation, nausea, dizziness, vertigo, syndrominal, intestinal and emotional disharmony, extremes or fixations?   Wounds, including the nasty looking  type, can heal with the proper input, nutrition and rest. 

     Do you truly want to accept suffering as acceptable?.      Here at Ancient Lake you will find us passionate to bringing clarity to the problem and  Using expert  medical knowledge  and experience, cultivated in hospital  ICU/CCU/ER"s  married with  Centuries of wisdom and 33 years of professional experience,  to help you recover the quality of health that calls out from deep inside to be nurtured and thrive.   

     Instead of  a cook book approach we know everyone is unique and our treatment sessions -2 hours each- are designed around your needs.   We have entered a new year, When will  be the moment to Commit time & resources out of your busy day to healing properly.   Book your appointment, meet the master, re-engage your power to heal!  Thank you & Mabuhay-- Tagalog meaning welcome to living well...

4th of July Clinic

Free for Veterans, Nurses, Teachers, Law Enforcement, First Responders, Janitors, Cooks, Chefs, Students, Parents, and their children!

To commemorate all who have given to make this country Great, Ancient Lake Acupuncture is having a Group Acupuncture Clinic on the Fourth of July!

Volunteer Nurses & Army Medics will be onsite for assistance--if you or anyone you know are interested come join us 11 am to 4 pm. We will have Rice crackers and water if you forget to eat something light beforehand; it is most effective to eat a light meal before coming.

Space is limited, come early, first come first served, Bring your own comfy chair (BYOCC), and plan for an easy-relaxing day following your session, hope to see you then, God Bless you & the USA!

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Knowledgeable, caring, very professional and assertive... he knows his business and the art of natural therapy and healing. I've benefited from Rho's knowledge on several occasions over the years, as some of my other family members have as well, especially following critical injuries and surgeries.

Michael Lundy

Rho saved me from pain and mobility issues caused by a prescription given to me by my doctor. He was concerned about me and my progress. Rho taught me so much about my body and now I am stronger than even before I started taking the prescription. I recommend him to others often. Will always go to him in connection with my regular Dr.

Paulene Honcik

Rho is an incredible practitioner. I have known him for years, and he has always been able to help. He has a wealth of knowledge that is matched with a strong sense of compassion. I wouldn't see anyone else

Laurie Ingebritsen

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