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Ancient Lake Acupuncture:

Master Rho Zaragoza RN | 33 Years of Experience


Experience fast acting, sustainable relief with Ancient Lake Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. Our team of professional ICU/CCU/ER nurses are specially trained in classical acupuncture to provide the highest level of quality healthcare. Discover the Ancient Lake difference today

Feedback We’ve Received

Patients Love Us


Rho saved me from pain and mobility issues caused by a prescription given to me by my doctor. He was concerned about me and my progress. Rho taught me so much about my body and now I am stronger than even before I started taking the prescription. I recommend him to others often. Will always go to him in connection with my regular Dr.

Paulene Honcik


Rho is an incredible practitioner. I have known him for years, and he has always been able to help. He has a wealth of knowledge that is matched with a strong sense of compassion. I wouldn't see anyone else

Laurie Ingebritsen

Critical Injury

Knowledgeable, caring, very professional and assertive... he knows his business and the art of natural therapy and healing. I've benefited from Rho's knowledge on several occasions over the years, as some of my other family members have as well, especially following critical injuries and surgeries.

Michael Lundy

Menieres Syndrome

I started seeing Rho about 10 months ago for problems related to Meniere's Syndrome. Instead of treating that directly he did a whole body assessment and tackled a number of problems that were interfering with my ability to overcome the Meniere's symptoms, with great success. I feel very blessed with the improvements I have made and how he has helped me return to living the life I loved prior to my illness. Thank you Rho!

Mike Dixon M.D.


I haven’t had any headaches- it’s like a miracle! I’ve given Rho’s card to about a hundred people and would recomend him to anyone



My back is feeling great. I’m so grateful, I went to sleep pain free last night.


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Arm Pain

I’m still having pain in my arm, but my sleep was the best that it has been in months!



​I am so thankful for Rho and his skill in acupuncture. He has helped greatly with my migraines.


Lung Disease

Rho’s treatment helped me turn the corner with my breathing!


Neck Pain

That’s amazing! I can turn my head without it hurting!


Watery Eyes

I guess he was so wise. I don't have watery eyes anymore and they were so annoying for so many years.


Preventative Maintenance

Tell Rho Thank you and I’d be in when I get back. I feel better than I have in months!



I have struggled with anxiety all my life and having the opportunity to come here to acupuncture was quite the blessing. Thank you Rho!


Leg Pain

My leg pain has gone down and the yesterday I was even able to play a full game of golf! My foot pain isn't fully resolved, but my  podiatrist just adjusted my orthotics


Back Aches

 I did more than 8 loads of laundry last evening, normally I wouldn’t be able to move like that. I feel like a new person


Knee Pain

Slept without leg pain, Thank You


Ankle Pain

My first walk after my treatment was completely without pain and I was able to walk at the gym without getting dizzy.


Heel Pain

My heel felt so much better after a few treatments and now the pain is almost gone!


Foot Pain

He helped me so much with my feet, I was to see in he can help me with my next problem



Thanks to Rho for improving my flexibilty with Acupuncture, I'm so happy I came here!


Achy Elbows

It’s been so long since I’ve felt this well. Being able to flex my elbows without pain is so wonderful.


Hip Pain

Tell Rho he did an incredible job on my hips yesterday. I was on a plane all day and there was zero swelling or pain


Shoulder Pain

*Crunch* and my shoulder was back in alignment, it had not been for some time, despite of chiropractic treatments. I am so happy!


High Blood Pressure

Thank you so much for lowering my blood pressure! I was really worried about that and I needed it to be lower so that I could get surgery.



Wow- I don’t think I’ve taken a breath like that in years. Thank you so much!


Low Blood Pressure

I can feel my B.P. Creeping up. As long as I see Rho, I didn’t have B.P. problems.


Pulmonary Disease

He’s done wonders with my palpitations and my big toe is pain free!


Muscle Pain

I got up this morning- my arm- I couldn’t believe how good If felt


Lung Ailments

I can breathe! I can’t get over how much better I feel! I haven't felt this good in a long time!


Arm Aches

I’m feeling real good now, so I think I’ll cancel my apptointments for now


Lower Back

Walked in bent over and chanked walked out upright, It’s amazing!



My back is feeling great. I’m so grateful, I went to sleep pain free last night


Upper Back

I feel so relaxed today, now that I don't have to constantly think about my back being in pain! He’s done an awful lot for me!


Trigeminal Neuralgia

I have gone to Rho many times. I have a condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia.  It causes severe pain on one side of your face. It hurts to chew, eat, drink, smile, talk, brush your teeth, wash your face etc.  Rho treats my condition with compassion and gets me back on track. Thanks for your help and understanding.

Karen Shaul

Hot Flashes

My husband and I have been seeing Rho for over 10 years. He helped my husband get rid of his snoring as well as not having to blow his nose constantly from spring allergies.  I have had great success with Rho and acupuncture from hot flashes, neck pain, stomach issues and water retention.  I think Rho is truly amazing and is very in tune with what he does

Teresa Espe

General Maintenance

Rho is amazing.  I have had chronic back pain for nearly 20 years. Within the first visit I experience relief from my pain with each visit improving both my level of discomfort as well as my range of motion. After five sessions, over a year ago, I am no longer experiencing the crippling issues that have so affected my daily life.  My wife and kids have also benefited from seeing Rho, for various pains and ailments.

Justin Fine

Hot Flashes

My husband and I have been seeing Rho for over 10 years. He helped my husband get rid of his snoring as well as not having to blow his nose constantly from spring allergies.  I have had 

Surgical Pain

Honorable is how Rho conducts himself and his business. His help has been insightful as I am currently recovering from surgery and his treatments are reducing my pain. For years I've been truly cared for as a whole person with his approach and treatment. I've had acupuncture by other practitioners and spent thousands of dollars that I couldn't notice benefits from, but I experience healing at Ancient Lake Acupuncture.

Sarah Barron

Pain Reduction

Rho has changed my life. Without him and his expertise I would not be able to live my life to the fullest. Nothing comes close to relieving my pain the way his acupuncture does.

Joe Holman

Severe Sciatica

The most amazing medical experience I've ever had! My first acupuncture experience and I wasn't sure what to expect. I went in with severe sciatica and overall tension of the body. I was also severely lethargic and never had energy. 1 hr after leaving Dr. Rho I have never had more natural energy in my life. I can feel all the tension in my lower back, neck and shoulders is all melting away!

David Angel

Chronic Anxiety

I started going to Rho in the spring. I was having shoulder pain and chronic anxiety. I am so thankful that I have made so much progress. I am feeling much calmer. I feel very positive about my experience with Ancient Lake Acupuncture. It is a soothing, peaceful atmosphere.

Nancy Knoll

Concussion Symptoms

Rho has helped me with the pain I have associated with riding horses. Riding horses I have received my fair share of concussions. Rho made my symptoms disappear and helped me with my healing process so I can get back to what I love. I also experience leg pains which Rho has treated and told me how to manage the pain. Rho has been amazing to me and my family. I always know he'll be there to help me.

Rachel Edmiston

Classical Migraines

I went in to see Rho when I had a migraine. By the time I left, I did not have a migraine, and did not have another one for 5 months.

Gayle Brown


I have been seeing Rho since I was in high school, about a decade now. He has treated my seasonal allergies and depression. Most recently I had spent hundreds of dollars on doctors in the area trying to nail down why I was suffering from severe inflammation. I had markers in my blood that pointed towards lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriasis but they couldn't figure out what was wrong and basically told me to come back when I was crippled. I went and saw rho and within 3 months all my symptoms subsided and I am feeling on top of the world now that I can move my hands again. He has treated my mom for several autoimmune diseases she has and has been a life saver for us. The office is so peaceful and relaxing. Rho is so kind and always has something to say that really makes you think about life in a new perspective. 

Brandi Owens

Hand Pain

I was recommended to Ancient Lakes Acupuncture by a friend ten years ago to help with chronic pain from a fall to my shoulder and thumb.  It was so painful and hurt even worse in cold weather so I made an appointment with Rho. After the first treatment I was instantly taken out of pain and still am to this day. Both the shoulder and thumb work perfectly. I so appreciated Rho and the relief knowing that I can receive treatment from any symptoms or accidents at any time. He is very professional and well taught. In fact I still receive regular tune ups as I call them to balance my chi- my life energy force when needed. Three years ago I had another accident on an ice rink  in another state and in much pain.  I could not wait to get back to CDA and have Rho take care of me. After the first appointment I was out of pain also,I have never been overcharged and was always told ahead of time what the treatment plan was, how many appointments and how much it would cost.  Five stars from me! 

Muriel Duvall


If you are willing to invest the time and accept your responsibility for healing, understanding that the pain or ill that brought you to this doorstep most likely did not happen overnight, then you have found the perfect place to start your healing journey. I have gone from a point of total health Chaos to a place of Thrive. Rho is very intuitive and the more you can explain the sensations or issues with him about how it is impacting your lifestyle the quicker you will get resolution. As with anything worth doing, this is your health and mobility,  you have to be willing to do your part of the work, and I can say it is worth every bit of time you will  invest in your health. The clinic is a very peaceful, modest place that does not distract from the focus of healing. If getting your health back is important to you then I would highly recommend Rho at  Ancient Lake Acupuncture.

Penny Coleman

Thank You

For many days while driving to and from work I saw a sign asking, “Are you thankful?” and each time I would think, “yes” and visualize what/who I was most thankful for at that moment, you always came to mind. I am very thankful to have the opportunity to see you. You have helped me more than I could ever have considered, both through acupuncture and your exercise class. I have learned much from you and I have learned much about myself through you. Thank you



I definitely recommend Rho at ancient lake acupuncture! I started seeing Rho last year because I was having severe sciatic pain in my back. It was affecting my mobility, day to day life, and my job. After a consultation, it was determined that my monthly cycle was the cause of the back pain, and much more. My period had always been heavy but didn't realize that my kidneys were suffering and couldn't keep up with the blood loss. This was the reason my energy levels were very low, and why I had lower back pain. As women, our uterus has a great deal to do with our overall health. I was so impressed with his insight and knowledge.After a few treatments, my back felt better and my period was actually manageable. For the first time in my adult life, my cycle didn't dictate my schedule. There was work to do on my part for my back, like exercise and not working my body super hard in the afternoon so I wouldn't stress my organs. It was incredible the change that happened. I never thought acupuncture could change my cycle. This year I went in for my spring checkup and found out that my blood isn't moving like it should through my body. Also, I was having painful bowels. This is not a good sign. Rho was able to tell this due to my cycle giving the signs, and other things. We started treatment right away, and I can already see the difference. I have changed my diet a great deal and cut out coffee, this is my part of it. With Rhos treatment and my part done at home, which is extremely important too, my health does and will continue to improve. If you consider how much money you spend on conventional doctors having them push pain pills at you and not solving the problem.....I would rather go to Rho and feel real results

Ellen Frederickson



Thank you for your kind treatment of me, I have not felt this peaceful in a long time.

Shoulder Pain
I had very acute shoulder pain to the point I could not use my arm. One visit and Rho relieved the pain. I not only have the use of my arm back but am continuing treatment to regain strength in it. I cant say enough about the healing and caring that Rho has given me.

Rick Kegley

Acupuncture Traditional Chinese herbal medicine

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You were great with me! You gave me so much time, attention and you helped me so much with my awareness



I’m amazed- I’m shocked- I could cry- It’s been 4 years- I haven’t been able to sleep at night!


Carpal Tunnel

I cannot thank you enough for referring me to Rho Zaragoza, Acupuncture really worked for my carpal tunnel. Rho is a very soothing, compassionate man. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Thanks again.


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